iPad Learning Environments

We have been looking forward to creating our first iPad learning environment in a preschool classroom this year and today was launch day. Fast Company reported last year that it believes that the iPad will revolution the classroom. Using an iPad 2 and a TV we have created an interactive learning station where students will be able take advantage of some great apps.

The Reading Horizons blog reports that students in a California preschool classroom saw an increase in reading comprehension by using iPads in their classrooms. The children’s scores went from 58.5 to 76.4 percent. That is an incredible increase. We believe that new tools like the iPad will help Harrah Early Learning Center continue to create exceptional environments for your kids to grow.

Ask Director Michelle Stasser to give you a tour of this new environment. We will be downloading many great apps to use in these environment and look forward to sharing some of them with you.