New Fingerprint Reader

This week you will notice the addition of a fingerprint reader at the check-in station. As I have been bringing my two girls to the center in the morning I notice that many of us are dragging kids, carseats, and bags into the center, which makes checking in a cumbersome task. To help improve our security and to speed up the check-in process I have added a fingerprint scanner.  To check-in your kids you will place a finger on the scanner instead of having to punch in a series of numbers. The check-in by numbers option will still be available.

To set yourself up to use the fingerprint option you can obtain a registration number from the Front Desk, which you will use to at your next check-in. Setting up your account is as simple as touching the new scanner 4 times to calibrate your id. I hope you will enjoy this new feature and how easy it is to use.

-Jeremy Davidson, Executive Pastor at Harrah Church