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Annual Supply Fee

The annual supply fee of $25 is due.  If you would like to bring school supplies (construction paper, glue, markers, etc…) in lieu of the $25 that would be great as well.  Be sure if you bring supplies to let management know so that we can credit your account for that fee.  Thank You!

Preschool Field Trip

Friday the 22nd, Mr.Chad’s Preschool class will be going to the Choctaw Library at 9:30

School Age Field Trip – Harkins

Thursday the 21st the School Kids will leave at 8:15 to go to Harkins Theater and weather permitting the Splash Park around 1:00pm

School Age Field Trip – Hey Day

Friday the 22nd the School kids will leave at 11:15 to go to Hey Day

PreK Field Trip – Splash Park

Monday the 18th Mr.Chad’s class will be going to the Splash Park.  They will leave at 9:00 and return at 10:30.  Be sure to  have swimwear and towel.

SA Field Trip – Science Museum

Tuesday the 19th the School Age will be going to the Science Museum.  They will leave at 9:15 and return around snack time.

Field Trip – Circus

Ms.Lisa’s & Mr.Chad’s PreK classes leave for the Shrine Circus promptly at 8:30 tomorrow/Friday the 23rd.

Leading From Love: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Below are just a few insights from the verse that helps us understand how very important Love is when guiding and parenting our precious children. Love is Patient – When you have PATIENCE with your children, you are telling them by your actions that they are WORTH your time.  Have patience with your children and watch as your guidance over them rises. Love always

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Valentine Parties

Valentine Parties will be next Friday the 10th at 3:00pm.  Sign-Up sheets are outside all classroom doors.

Caring Van

The Caring Van will be here Wednesday the 8th from 9am ~ 12pm The Caring Van provides free immunizations for children.  They recently were at the facility and went through our immunization records.  We have a list of children who are due for immunizations. See the front desk if you would like to sign a  release for your child/ren to get the shots needed.

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