Learning Philosophy

The Learning Philosophy at Harrah Church is designed to create excellent environments for children to grow in.  We value:

  • Children, families and our staff.
  • Age-appropriate curriculum that sets a standard for later learning.
  • Recognizing and accommodating all children’s individual characters, abilities, cultures, languages, and communities.
  • Character is an important aspect of the development of a child.
  • A child’s Community includes caregivers and the other children that they spend their day with.
  • Developmentally-age and individual/group standards that promote social, emotional, verbal, physical, and cognitive development for all children.
  • Supporting families by respecting diversity and family support.
  • A quality work and learning environment for our teachers.
  • Collaboration with Harrah Church and beyond to provide resources that enable children, families, and all staff growth opportunities.
  • Assessments that enable Harrah Early Learning Center to be accountable and beneficial to quality enhancement and improvement.
  • Continued professional development that enables all staff to stay current with early childhood trends.
  • A strong commitment to work ethic that adheres to high quality standards and values.