Staff Development

A Childcare Center is really only as good as the people who work within it. They are the people that provide the love, support and care that your child needs to grow. At Harrah Early Learning Center we work hard to create a working environment that nurtures growth and encourages healthy co-worker relationships. With many of our core staff having served with HELC for more than eight years it is evident that we have staff that are committed and called to helping create exceptional environments for children to grow in.

Harrah Early Learning Center develops staff each year by providing additional training opportunities, ensuring that staff stay current with their continuing education credits, and strive to build our environments by creating individual Growth Plans for our teachers. We consistently observe and evaluate teachers, providing feedback on what they can do to improve outcomes and progress in their professional development. We have had many staff members move up the development ladder, several of whom are now Directors at other Centers and Programs.