Sherry Kendall

My first visit to HCELC was refreshing, enlightening and I felt it was a peaceful place.  The people were interested in my daughter, regardless of her disabilities. Kids would certainly feel welcome and it was clean, clean, clean.  I’ve never regretted it.  Sometimes the extra 25 minutes it adds to my commute 1 way, and 50 minutes total every day gets to me, but she’s got so much support.  A lot of friends.  She is welcome and happy.  The teachers taught her to walk.  I’ll never repay the extra caring, time and love in a good environment that she gets every day.  This morning she nearly ran me over on our way out the door to get to come.  She laughs all the way to the center and that just gives my heart a serious daily lift.

I work long hours and my daughter is not good at drinking by herself so I worry a lot she might dehydrate or that someone might give her something besides chopped up small, toddler sized foods, but I have a lot of faith in the administration and I am sure she is being accommodated.

They have enriched our lives so much.  I wish I was very rich in money and could give them bonuses every week, but we’re just rich in blessed friends and acquaintances instead. Life is sometimes so hard and yet they sure know how to make it better every day of the week.

Thank you,
Mom to 4 ½ year old with Aicardi Syndrome
McLoud, Oklahoma

  • July 10, 2013